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Moron mom is at it again!

My dad tried to call the house today and got a busy signal because I was online. He thus got mad at me because I was "clogging up the phone line and important calls can't get through." I was personally thinking of telling him what he tells me when I want to play back the answering machine. "If it's important, they'll call back." That's true, isn't it? Or else, they'll call another number of ours, right? I didn't say this, though, because he'd just get mad. Plus, the only people who call our house with any frequency are telemarketers.

Well, anyway, I told him my computer was supposed to be handling the calls, but since he got a busy signal, it must be a glitch. So I go and test everything I can think of to figure out what the problem is. Everything on the online side checks out fine. However, every time I try to call the house, I get a busy signal. I can't figure it out and comment it to my mom. She says "I wonder if it has anything to do with the $2 charge I took off the phone bill at the beginning of the month." I'm like, "YES!!!! That's what was transferring the calls!" She says, "Well it comes up on your bank account already and I thought we were getting charged double." I told her, "No... They're 2 separate things. One's for the service and one's for the phone." She says, "Well they're both Verizon... Why do they charge us twice?" I say, "One's the Internet section of Verizon and one's the phone section." She's like, "Ohhhhhh..... Well, I better get that put back on tommorrow."

Therefore, we haven't been getting calls when I'm online for the past 2 weeks and I've paid for 2 weeks of a service I couldn't use! All without knowing! Grrr....

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