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  • Mon, 21:41: RT @JasonKander: "So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead." James 2:17 Thoughts and prayers are not enough.
  • Mon, 21:49: RT @anildash: Consuming deeply disturbing news for a long time is known to be very bad for you. Take breaks, unplug, don't just keep refres…
  • Mon, 21:50: RT @MrTeller: For all the multitude of obvious reasons, we must apologize that there will be no @pennjillette & @MrTeller show at the Rio t…
  • Mon, 21:51: RT @byHeatherLong: Jonathan Smith, 30, saved ~30 people last night before he was shot in the neck. He might live w/the bullet for rest of h…
  • Mon, 22:00: RT @daytonward: I think I've found my new career path. https://t.co/4HRp89rKYZ
  • Mon, 22:00: RT @brandonheath: We all woke up in Vegas this morning. Ive thought about last nights events a lot today. Not… https://t.co/9ZzeZPTuiF
  • Mon, 22:01: RT @dixonij: “...see scary things in the news, my mother would say, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”" -…
  • Mon, 22:06: RT @RWPUSA: Americans are sick of political hacks talking about condolences and sympathy while stuffing NRA blood money in their pockets. D…
  • Mon, 22:08: RT @dantheshive: Why yes, I will tweet a bunch of opinions on my personal Twitter without feeling obligated to debate them with people I do…
  • Mon, 22:08: RT @thenewstarship: TELL SOMEONE YOU LOVE THEM TODAY You may not have the opportunity tomorrow
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    Sat, 12:06: RT @ OliverP98171039: @ ihorner I put together a memorial highlight reel for The Feed Dump Band and I thought you'd like to see it…

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    Fri, 14:19: RT @ artheart213: Commission work today!!! ArtHeartCrew - Picarto @ picartotv https://t.co/ULLv8HDN9D Fri, 14:19: RT @…

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    Thu, 13:33: RT @ NomeDaBarbarian: My partner has an apostrophe in her first name, something that plenty of names have. The amount of databases…

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