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Grandpa's sick

I didn't go to work today. Grandpa went into the hospital from the nursing home, so my mom took me with her to see him. He didn't look good at all when we got there. He was all bloated with fluid and had a bluish-red color to him. He was also breathing really heavily and gurgling. We really couldn't do much except be there with him to keep him calm. Man, was he swelled up. His foot didn't even look like a real foot. It looked like some plastic Halloween foot. He was cold to the touch and slightly sweaty. Well, we were there for about 4 hours, and then my mom was so exhausted that she needed to get some rest, so we drove home. We called everyone while driving home. When we left the hospital, Grandpa was less bloated, had a better skin color, and was breathing a bit easier. He's probably already in a hospital room now, since they admitted him. I'm praying that he will improve. He's not out of the woods just yet, but we can see the edge from here.

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