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Michael Moore
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Michael Moore [userpic]
My tweets

  • Sat, 06:48: RT @RobinDLaws: PLAYERS: What's happening in Canada in this alternate timeline? GM: You're playing Americans, so you have no idea.
  • Sat, 06:59: Just wondering why I'm such a garbage human... :-(
  • Sat, 07:01: RT @glss_dbl: a Fox News reporter deliberately zoomed in on the emergency # on my arm and kept it in focus for several seconds. soon after,…
  • Sat, 07:06: I wonder why life is worth living some days. If the answer is "friends & family" then, "friends" I can't hug & family that's out of touch.
  • Sat, 07:49: RT @DesertGIF: You’re A Computer. Can You Pass The Turing Test? https://t.co/TGJS2pzT8g
  • Sat, 08:03: The realization that I have not been hugged in over a decade that I can recall is troubling. :-(
  • Sat, 10:30: RT @elektrotal: i gotta say, i don't really understand what twitch con is for. is it a tradeshow for people who stream, or is it a meet and…
  • Sat, 10:31: RT @moryan: Not today, Satan. https://t.co/gSHGyiqq5a