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3 Grrrs and a Yay...

Grrr #1: Luther. I hate that stupid tow truck driver Luther. He's loud, annoying, and always irritating. He insults me, talks at the same loud level whether you're across the restaurant or right next to him, and has this annoying stupid laugh! He's demeaning, insensitive, and just doesn't GET it. I was ready to strangle him with my cleaning rag today, but decided my job wasn't worth it.

Grrr #2: Lisa. My mom calls my cell phone while I'm at work. I didn't have much to do at that point, so I just held the phone with my shoulder and talked while I worked. Lisa, the HR person, asks, "WHO are you talking to?!" I say, "My mom called." She says, "Well say goodbye and hang up! You can't be talking to her while you're on the clock! Do that on your break or when you're off." Oh, I'm SO pissed at her. I only get like ONE call in like a month at work and it's usually from my parents, and it's usually right about when I get off. It's not like I call everyone I know every day or what have you. That's what my managers Kenny and Rich do, and no one complains about them. Grrrrr......

Yay: Duchess came home. She's better and she can walk with help. She's eating and drinking stuff. However, we don't think she'll last long. At least she's not in pain any more.

Grrr #3: I've lost my VCR remote, my wallet, and my cell phone, all at once.

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