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Michael Moore
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Michael Moore [userpic]
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  • Tue, 17:13: RT @karsten_frank: Did you know that Inhumaniac’s expected power after infinite turns is 7 and that the best non-Legions expansion pack to…
  • Tue, 17:14: RT @Nash076: So ... 2017, essentially. https://t.co/Qg6lo1VQHA
  • Tue, 19:38: RT @BenHUlmer: ⏰⏰LIVE⏰⏰Today we embark on an all new kind of adventure in Pokemon ULTRA MOON! Come join the fun as we try out the Pokemon T…
  • Tue, 19:40: RT @_ElizabethMay: "Die Hard is my favourite Christmas movie!" "Okay." "Get it...because it's an action movie. That takes place during Chri…
  • Wed, 09:57: RT @katestark: Okay new favourite thing is seeing PEOPLE I KNOW IRL REPLY TO THIS THREAD NOT KNOWING IT'S ME 😂

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