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  • Sun, 02:33: RT @TheMikeRobles: Anxiety sucks. Imposter syndrome sucks. Depression sucks. Life... is pretty good actually.
  • Sun, 02:33: RT @TrakoZG: if a startup can successfully find a way to schedule an emotional breakdown at a specified future date, I'd invest in that. F…
  • Sun, 02:37: RT @BenHUlmer: When you're working on Loading Time and the gang kicks you out of the room to film a Crapshot. https://t.co/MAi5YddX6x
  • Sun, 02:39: RT @ThatIsArguable: One thing that millennials don't understand is that if they gave up all of the things that make life worth living for j…
  • Sun, 02:39: RT @lsv: Me, talking about my daughter: “Her desire to do things vastly outpaces her ability to do them.” @PVDDR “Oh, she’s like a reverse…
  • Sun, 02:40: RT @jon_bois: just witnessed a bank robbery — but i’m not calling the police. why not? well, it’s simple: it’s only taking place in a movie…
  • Sun, 02:40: RT @DanRather: I think Hawaii should buy everyone on the islands a drink of their choosing - on the state.
  • Sun, 02:42: RT @BenHUlmer: Petition to rename Hornet Queen to "BEE-Yonce" https://t.co/a3sxdXgVeE
  • Sun, 02:43: RT @fodderfigure: I take the occasional swipe at Black Mirror, but no episode has ever been as obvious as this dystopian bullshit: people w…
  • Sun, 02:44: RT @awtistigfenyw: @NeuroRebel How about a robot to teach managers how to navigate Disability Discrimination and Autism Act?!
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    Wed, 13:40: RT @ STDeltaShift: I used to work in a shoe recycling shop... It was sole destroying #StarTrek #JellicoTrek

  • My tweets

    Tue, 13:32: Today I'm going to do a replacement stream for the one I missed Saturday, along with my normal 6 PM stream. So I'm going to start…

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    Mon, 18:29: RT @ TrakoZG: I don't know why "I never experienced that" is understood as "don't bother trying anything" when I have no idea when…

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