Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

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Friggin' finger!

I got a grease burn on the tip of my right index finger and it's bugging the Sev out of me! I had a band-aid over it, but I can't type or use the mouse correctly with it on. However, every time I put pressure on it, I get this stabbing, burning pain. Thus, it's either comfort and lack of speed or pain and speed. I've obviously chosen pain and speed. I'm gritting my teeth on a piece of plastic each time it hurts. Each time it hurts is when I type a U, J, M, Y, H, N, 6, or a 7. Also, when I click the left mouse button. *grits teeth* Grrrrrr.....

Also, I can't make the touch-screen registers work with the band-aid on, so I'm using my thumb and middle finger in leiu of my index finger.

I hope this narfing thing heals soon.

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