Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

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  • Tue, 22:38: RT @SlyTQ: If you planned to support me this week, please do this instead. If you have even $1, put it here. Take the $5 you use for coffee…
  • Tue, 22:40: RT @alexsteacy: This is a lot of why I was having a bad day: https://t.co/Ez0ErUPLBl
  • Tue, 22:40: RT @alexsteacy: *on the phone to canada post* Hey this original artwork arrived damaged and I'd like to claim the extra coverage I paid for…
Tags: #catshaming, twitter

  • Update Part 1

    I'm taking a page from deceptica's book and I'm going to write out my posts when I have time, and post them later, when I have access. (I…

  • Hrm...

    I think my underwear shrunk in the dryer. (Yes, the underwear I have on right now.)

  • Only in Baltimore

    The other day, on my way to school, I was staring out the window. At one point on Loch Raven Boulevard, I happened to see a small bag. I realized it…

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