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  • Wed, 01:02: RT @MOONEMOTlCON: Friend: “it’s still only Septemb- Me:🖤🎃🍂🕷🔮🕸🌙👁🦇🔪👣⚰️💀🖤🕷🎃🍂🕸🌙👁🦇🕷💀🖤🎃🎃🎃🖤🕷🕸⚰️🦇👁🖤💀🕸🌙🍂⚰️⚰️⚰️🔮🍂🍂🍂🔮🔮🎃🖤🖤🕸💀👁🔪👣💀🖤🍂🎃 🕸💀👁🔪💀🖤🍂🎃🔮🕸🌙👁🦇🕷💀⚰️🖤…
  • Wed, 01:03: RT @AndyAstruc: If you design a quest where I need to follow an NPC and they move SLOWER than my running speed but FASTER than my walking s…
  • Wed, 01:03: RT @pkkaos: Event says they are sold out of pre-sale tickets, but not to worry as there will be tickets at the door. I buy hotel room. Even…
  • Wed, 01:05: RT @LordHosk: Welcome to Detroit airport you can be picked up between the fire fighters, the ambulance and the police. https://t.co/q2Cqzwi
  • Wed, 01:05: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: If Twitter has been telling you the people you follow have been liking alt-right kek memes about genocide, it might ju…
  • Wed, 01:07: RT @TheManaSource: Why aren’t the Planeswalker Masterpieces in the set? It makes no sense. Surely the profit gained from putting them in…
  • Wed, 01:08: RT @JimSterling: I like that people are protesting against Nike for working with Colin Kaepernic because he did a protest. Oh, and that th…
  • Wed, 01:31: Enter to win Crystals in the #MagicPuzzleQuest Sweeps! DL game for FREE at https://t.co/lMSdguKekd @MtGPuzzleQuest https://t.co/n5Zm2gawHu
  • Wed, 01:33: RT @Graham_LRR: “Might as well check out what’s up on Twitter after basically being off it during PAX…” Oh.
  • Wed, 01:34: RT @Mistah_FixIt: I dunno which one of you it was, but someone on my timeline saw this coming almost a month ago: https://t.co/2330pRBEaM
Tags: #177, #magicpuzzlequest, #mtg, #mtggrn, #notwotcstaff, #tftm, twitter

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