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  • Wed, 23:16: RT @icetsvu: Street name is Basketball Walrus, It's made from Tide Pods and Ambien. Found this chick at a Benihana wearin' nothin' but a pl…
  • Wed, 23:16: RT @icetsvu: It's called Star Spangled Pickles. Somebody slips it into a kid's drink, next day he wakes up at a vape shop covered in flour.…
  • Wed, 23:18: RT @vexwerewolf: It's important to remember that Amazon was able to turn on a dime about this. Their decision to start paying their employe…
  • Wed, 23:20: RT @nappydolemite: If Ina Garten married Danny Devito, she'd be Ina Garten-Devito. Baby.
Tags: #archaeologicaloddities, #googletranslatesmtg, #presidentialalert, #shoreleave41, #startrek, twitter

  • Guess what?

    I just helped out the Brad Fitzpatrick out on a Tech Support issue. Yes... brad, the creator of LiveJournal. Awesome.

  • Admiral Memo and the Morning from Hell!

    You know, that sounds like a good name to a book in a series. :-D Anyway, it's too long for a tweet or a series of tweets, so I'm typing all this…

  • LiveJournal Coupons

    I've apparently got 10 8 $10 LiveJournal coupons to give away. Does anyone want them? (Note: You need to be on my friends list to…

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