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  • Mon, 23:00: RT @dixonij: Worst part of seeing that $335 MSRP for #MTGUMA is that I have a sealed box of every Masters set so far and I'm REALLY not loo…
  • Mon, 23:00: RT @James_LRR: Certainly helps that I started rewatching the HP movies, but wow this is the best one of these I’ve seen. https://t.co/PokbL
  • Mon, 23:01: RT @Graham_LRR: If you’re in the US you should hella vote tomorrow (and always). This is an excuse to share this chart I saw, which is fas…
  • Mon, 23:02: RT @Graham_LRR: Petition to stop the genre of children’s clothing that is “making tasteless jokes to other adults at my child’s expense”
  • Mon, 23:03: RT @alexsteacy: For sale: Sisyphean boulder, some wear. Suitable for crossfit or intruder deterrent
  • Mon, 23:04: RT @VmKid: STOOOOP! Who's next, ANSWER ME, MAGGOT! Anyone on a gravestone located within the United States has one day to vote. If you ha…
  • Mon, 23:06: RT @avimiller_rox: Next in my Minecraft @DesertBus art, the Shift Banners. Hoping all the people preparing for Desert Bus are doing well.…
  • Mon, 23:06: RT @icetsvu: Kids are callin' it Quack Jugs. She set a dumpster on fire behind a pawn shop and huffed the fumes until she thought she saw D…
  • Mon, 23:08: RT @queer_queenie: ADHD is not just "being hyperactive", it can also be - poor short term memory - hyperfocus on one task for hours - impu…
  • Mon, 23:08: RT @Mistah_FixIt: They put hubcaps on my walls. HUBCAPS. On my walls. https://t.co/hQfHYNrqKg
Tags: #googletranslatesmtg, #mtguma, #ps4share, #rdr2, twitter

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