Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

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*looks quite pissed*

That person's SoBig virus is getting worse. I know because I'm getting more of a backlash of error messages and automatic "This is a virus and it was never delivered" messages from the servers. Add that to the spammers that have decided to spam me 20 times with the same 100 K attachment and you can see that I'm a little pissed.

Edit: If found out from a friend that the 100 K pif attachments getting forwarded to my Spam Box ARE SoBig. Arg! I'm going to strangle that guy who made that virus! I'm going to wring his neck so thin, it'll be one-dimensional! *reverse engineers the Jaws of Life, then reverses the mechanism and puts it around that stupid kid's neck to crush it*

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