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Michael Moore
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Michael Moore [userpic]
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  • Tue, 00:42: RT @elektrotal: I'm not really a fan of destroying people for stuff they tweeted ages ago. People need to be allowed the chance to learn fr…
  • Tue, 00:43: RT @Swedebit: The Magic Twitch chat will be subscriber-only during the World Magic Cup. I think this is great and long overdue. SCG's chat…
  • Tue, 00:43: RT @Valkyrie_Lemons: Me reading anything about Brexit: https://t.co/vx4Wcle7fD
  • Tue, 00:45: RT @the_moviebob: 1. Shigeru Miyamoto made gaming cool. 2. That's not a slam on Drake. 3. I have only the vaguest comprehension of who "N…