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  • Wed, 02:06: RT @avimiller_rox: So @James_LRR mentioned in today's Mine O'clock that he wanted a new skin. Obviously, he doesn't need to use this one,…
  • Wed, 02:07: RT @ClickHole: Devastating: Man Forced To Put His Shirt On At The Beach Because The Face On His Stomach Learned To Swear https://t.co/F0FZu
  • Wed, 02:07: RT @Iron_Spike: Immediately after the American Civil War, there was a fad among newly-freed slaves to name their newborns after figures fro…
  • Wed, 02:08: RT @SaffronOlive: The Magic community is pretty awesome. @HellKatMTG had her Bant Spirits deck stolen and within a few hours the community…
  • Wed, 02:09: RT @TolarianCollege: What the??? Pauper deck (essentially) takes 18th place in Legacy challenge! https://t.co/IbSSfvyzb0
  • Wed, 02:09: RT @foxmar320: It's time for The Dawning! This year we bake cookies out of bits we found on the ground and inside aliens! Join me for Dest…
  • Wed, 02:11: RT @_Dylonegan: Regarding @HellKatMTG’s stolen/lost Spirit deck. It was incredibly upsetting seeing her in tears as we looked for the deck.…
  • Wed, 02:12: RT @shaun_jen: if nintendo had a permanent online store for old titles where you could make an account and buy a game once, with a guarante…
  • Wed, 02:13: RT @IngrathisMTG: For people who use Amazon Prime: How useful is it to have? Worth it? Thinking about getting it once I move
  • Wed, 02:13: RT @wjz: CLINGING TO A BUS: A man was seen riding a DC Metrobus, by holding on to the back. https://t.co/4G5R5jtUq1
Tags: #autumnal, #googletranslatesmtg, #stillmissingjan, twitter

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