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  • Wed, 04:22: RT @itsKhyamii: So this lady came in this morning and walked up to the front desk to greet us before gasping loudly and saying “I forgot my…
  • Wed, 04:23: RT @NotLikeFreddy: People are mocking him for being actual Steve Rogers here, but maaaaaaybe he's right that connecting every piece of our…
  • Wed, 04:27: RT @trybest_ebooks: Please keep midichlorians away from you. - Jamie, Jan 19, 2017.
Tags: #1u, #dev, #googletranslatesmtg, #maga, #mapoli, #mtgrna, #resist, #tcot, #trump, #trumpresign, #trumpshutdown, #tuesdaythoughts, twitter

  • Guess what?

    I just helped out the Brad Fitzpatrick out on a Tech Support issue. Yes... brad, the creator of LiveJournal. Awesome.

  • Admiral Memo and the Morning from Hell!

    You know, that sounds like a good name to a book in a series. :-D Anyway, it's too long for a tweet or a series of tweets, so I'm typing all this…

  • Oh boy...

    Upcoming large venting post... Be prepared.

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