Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

My tweets

  • Mon, 07:59: RT @smhivani: parents: *literally cannot go .5?seconds without degrading their child to the point of tears* child: *stands up for themself…
  • Mon, 07:59: RT @p01arst0rm: capitalism: wow i cant see any cyber security professionals anywhere juniors: uhh?? capitalism: not one person worth hiri…
  • Mon, 08:01: RT @touchmybobby: this is the only accurate personality test https://t.co/iUB5lMPQNx
  • Mon, 08:28: RT @HazelMonforton: Man if I had ten million fucking dollars... I could pay off my entire family’s collective debt. All the loans, mortgage…
Tags: #googletranslatesmtg, #mtgnj, #royalrumble, twitter

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