Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

My tweets

  • Thu, 11:24: RT @forexposure_txt: “Look, if I need to post the artist’s name then I’ll just post nothing. And you won’t have a pic to reverse search you…
  • Thu, 11:25: RT @DrJenGunter: Men with sperm, if you do not want a pregnancy do not stick your penis in a vagina.
  • Thu, 11:32: RT @Ranneko: I wonder how much consideration game UI designers give to where a streamer can position themselves on the screen. Is there a…
  • Thu, 11:40: RT @RyanOverdrive: Buy this illegal product and you, too could be disqualified from tournaments just like the team that got bounced this we…
Tags: #googletranslatesmtg, twitter

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