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Well, KJ's angry at me...

And you want to know why the 9 year old's mad at me? Because I won't lie for him so he can get his game back.

He said that he had a game in his backpack yesterday that he forgot he put there. While he wasn't looking, another kid stole it out of his bag and started playing it. Before he could get it back, the teacher took it from the other kid. Now, he wants me to go into the school and tell his teacher that his mom said it was OK for me to pick up his game for him. His mom never said a word about this. I told him, "I'm not lying for you, KJ." He told me, "Don't be such a wuss." This from a 9 year old kid. I asked him, "Did you have your name or something on the game?" He said "No." So, I said, "Tell the teacher what happened and she should give it back to you." He said, "She won't listen to me." So I said, "Well, I'm not going to lie for you, so you're screwed until your mom gets here." So, as I was leaving, he was like "FINE! See if I do anything for YOU anymore." This kid is starting to get frustrating...
Tags: funny, kj, odd_stories

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