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Voice Post: Crashing Computer

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“OK... Somebody's got to keep reminding me that the Ubuntu Live CD, Gmail, and YouTube are a BAD combination, at least for FireFox. Uh... It keeps crashing my computer. I keep leaving Gmail opened up in a tab. And that... For some reason, Gmail likes to continue to refresh, to check for more mail, for whatever reason. And... while YouTube is loading a video, it's got... Basically, it's... it eats up the entire memory, forces me to force-close FireFox, which takes us FOREVER, sometimes HOURS, and I'm just getting frustrated. I really need to reinstall my operating system. This Ubuntu Live CD has been... a hassle, at times, but... of course, I'm lazy, and, of course, I have not reinstalled my operating system, because I'm lazy. Alright. Well, anyway, I guess I'll talk to you guys later. Bye.”

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Boring Class (http://admiralmemo.livejournal.com/325659.html), Volume 3

Sitting here in class again. This time, we're watching Saw II. It's freaking weird. I've been told I've passed this class, even though I still don't know what it's about.

My parents are in Europe right now. They left at 5:30 PM last night and should have arrived at Heathrow at 11:30 PM our time, which I believe is 5:30 AM their time. Their tour of Europe starts in England. I think they have 5 days there before they board the cruise. On the cruise, they go to Ireland, Scotland, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, and France. They'll be back on the 30th.

We currently have Mr. Ed from church at the house watching the animals and keeping things together. This is due to the fact that I leave at 7:20 AM for work, and get back from school at 11:15 PM.

I'm going to get my mom to take me to the computer store so I can buy a new computer. I'm going to make sure it's got a good CPU, lots of RAM, a big hard drive, a good sound card, and a good video card. Hopefully, that will keep me up and running for another 7 years.
When I get it, I'll download FireFox. I've finally been convinced of its superiority. (Plus, it's got a nice RuneScape Toolbar and Deepest Sender. Though Deepest Sender doesn't look quite as good as SeMagic, it looks good for quick posts.) As for Thunderbird, I'm still not quite convinced it's got any advantage over Outlook Express, since I've had no problems with OE. If anyone can convince me why it's better or why OE is worse, go right ahead.

Anyway, I've got to get back to my Net stuff, as well as being freaked out by the movie.
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Voice Post: Computer Stuff

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“Hey guys! It's me. I'm just calling in... uh... to let you know how my life's doing. I'm going to a Jars of Clay concert tonight at River Valley Ranch, which is going to be FUN. And fater that I'm going to try to get this computer up and running. Uh... So, that'll be good. But after I do that, I am going to make a CHANGE that I'm sure a lot of you are going to be happy about. I'm probably going to upgrade to FireFox from my little Internet Explorer thing. Uh... Not true Internet Explorer with that Avant Browser, but it's still quite... Still going to be quite a bit of a CHANGE, so... I know a lot of you LOVE FireFox, and after reading a magazine article about it I have decided I probably can switch without hassle. Um... Anyway... Uh... The next step you're probably going to get me is to get Thunderbird, but uh... I'm not quite there yet. I'm still Outlook Express. But, in the meantime, I, uh... Not much is really happening other than kicking this dead computer. Um... I really... I'm going to see if I can get my mom can get me a new one. Take me out to get... so I can BUY a new one. She's not going to buy me one, but... Anyway, I think I'll get... I'll let you guys go 'cause I gotta go do my chores and stuff. Uh... Later.”

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