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Working in the rain...

Well, my dad got the second part of the roof off. I wasn't needed today. David Bruce, my dad's friend from downtown, came back today and helped out.

David is a great guy, if not too bright. He got kicked in the head by a horse when he was about 9, and it damaged his brain. (I think the horse kicked his IQ out. ;-)) He's a hard worker and he's strong, but he can't really think for himself. He takes directions very well, though, so he is very good at manual labor. He's always happy and laughing, which is a good thing.

Anyway, my dad and David worked on the roof today when it started raining. They still have a way to go, though. They're out right now at Home Depot getting supplies for the next part. However, they can't do it today because of the rain. We just have a tarp over the hole and I'm supposed to watch for any major problems and call if anything happens.

What I'm doing while I'm doing that is updating my resume and working on 4 of my Star Trek review columns for Misc. Debris. I'm doing 3 Enterprise episodes and the Nemesis movie. The episodes are First Flight, Bounty, and The Expanse.

Anyway, back to work. TXT me to get ahold of me, since I'm not going on IM anytime soon.
Quark, Thinking

Sleep good...

Boy, I'm tired... Going to sleep...
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