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Voice Post: Flea Market and Clean-up

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“Hey guys. It's me. I'm just getting back from unpacking the car. We went to the flea market today. We had... We needed to go. Hadn't gone in a year. And, pretty good. I actually... We made like 370 bucks. That's pretty good. Got rid of a whole bunch of stuff. That's pretty good. And um... forty-some bucks on Star Trek tapes. That's kinda good. *laughs* Uh... I... I lost more than I m... I mean, uh yeah... I spent more than I made, but that's OK, 'cause it's Star Trek stuff and I was expecting to spend that much anyway.
But, uh... We did OK. And... I got... I got some of this crap out of my room, which is good. And... I was gonna say... Oh! My computer's acting kinda funky. I... That's why I'm making a voicepost instead of regular post. I got a couple... I got a couple posts saved, but... I saved them before the computer started acting funky. I'm pretty sure they're OK. Uh... But, I think everything's going pretty good. I'm going to get some of this stuff organized. Get all this stuff cleaned up. Ugh... This room is a sty. I can't really do much about it.
Oh! I just reminded myself about something. Uh... That's OK. OK. I'll get to doing that. Alright. Uh...
I gotta get this daggone computer fixed and this room cleaned. OK. I think that's about it. Um... I guess I'll talk to you guys later after I get my computer fixed. Bye.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo
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Funny Frankie...

My cat, Frankie, has a strange attachment to an empty box in my room. My room's pretty much a pig sty and I was going to use said box to cram stuff into so you can see the floor. Well, before I got around to it, he decided to begin to use it as a place to nap. He's currently in there right now, sound asleep. It's funny...
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